Our reliable AV solutions are designed for a great user experience, if you need to present we will have you up and running quickly every time.

Free your organisation, be more productive, simply by enabling and managing the booking of your meeting resources. 

Integrate Room Booking with your Office365 or Google Calendar to ensure your meetings are seamless with your booking schedules.

Viewpoint offer a wide range of video conferencing services and collaboration tools that create real value for your business.

Visual communication tools increase productivity, facilitate home working and reduce the need for travel.


Digital signage and IPTV equals effective communication.

Display call stats and wallboard information for contact centres.

Allow your marketing team to present your brand to your working environment.

Also Network Operation Centres, DevOps & Infrastructure teams. 

Increase workspace efficiency.


Create an agile workplace by providing a solution that gives employees more freedom in their workplace activities.

Get more out of your real estate by accumulating data that creates an overview of how people prefer to work.

User testing suites, customer focus rooms, experience centres, webinar set-ups, multi-functional spaces, exhibition, event venues.

We bring together best of breed technologies to equip your organisation with solutions that suit your needs and evolve with your ways of working.