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Digital Signage Solutions

Deliver personalised messages to your customers in real time with our digital signage and touch screen solutions

When you need to display messages in real time across your premises, digital signage can provide a dynamic, visually impressive and commercially focused solution. With the ability to manage content from a central system, digital signage technology allows your organisation to deliver personalised, instantly updatable messages to the right places, at the right times.

Viewpoint’s leading digital signage solutions put you in control, giving you the power to create customised, high quality graphic and video content to engage your target audience, whether they be your colleagues, partners or stakeholders.

Our broad digital signage range runs from simple and low cost product showcase systems, to enterprise-class hardware and software solutions for complex installations, all backed by Viewpoint’s expert services including demonstration, supply, installation, training and support. Together we can get your message across.

Video Wall

A video wall consists of multiple tiled screens which will create one large display. The space in between these individual screens is kept minimal so that the information on the screen will look consistent. Video walls will vary sizes depending on what’s suitable for you. Each screen will show information on it, from a distance the screens will make up one large display screen. You can also have it so that each screen will display the same information.

Common Space

We specialise in creating bespoke digital signage solutions for a wide range of business requirements, including common areas such as receptions or waiting rooms. Whether you want to display your own information or videos or have TV channels streamed through an IP network, Viewpoint has the solution for you. Using digital signage will help to maximise the impact of your business and will portray information to your customers more effectively.

IPTV Solutions

IPTV is where high quality video is transferred through an IP network to a TV where it will then display whatever is being played over the network. There are many channels which are available at any time which can be easily switched between. Radio channels are also available. A great feature of IPTV is that you don’t have to rely on satellites in order for them to work.

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