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Technology Adoption Services

Empower your users to adopt the latest technology to help achieve organisational objectives

Winning end-users’ buy-in to new ways of working and the adoption of new business technology is critical to ensuring your organisation maximises return on investment and achieves its objectives.

Achieving this is about much more than just creating awareness of the tools and their benefits, though; it’s about driving behavioural change. It’s critical to put the end-user at the heart of your visual collaboration strategy.

Viewpoint’s usage and adoption programmes focus on your people, the way they work and the challenges they need to overcome, to ensure that the benefits of using our audio visual, communication and collaboration technologies are fully realised for your organisation.

Driving the adoption of new technologies can be challenging, which is why we base our usage and adoption programmes on clearly defined, proven methods for driving cultural and behavioural change.

Our aim is to achieve the maximum end-user adoption over the shortest period of time, bringing quantifiable benefits to your organisation.

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