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Telemedicine visual collaboration delivers improvements to patient care and service delivery

As our population ages, demands on the healthcare industry dramatically increase. Challenges such as the need to scale expertise, to serve rural areas effectively, and to reduce waiting times are all driving the need for change in the way healthcare is delivered in an industry where limited resources are being outpaced by growing demand.

Visual collaboration in the form of telemedicine is driving patient care improvements and the streamlining of service delivery. Cost reductions and more efficient working enable organisations to achieve more with less, increasing service access.

For instance, it makes the deployment of services to remote locations cost effective, and reduces the need for patient re-hospitalisation. Better inter-departmental collaboration and improved staff training and retention are further important benefits.

Our innovative telemedicine solutions enable you to scale knowledge and clinical expertise on a worldwide level, eliminating distance barriers and bringing consistent patient service to geographically remote communities.

Improve patient care through effective clinical collaboration

Multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meeting rooms enable groups of health professionals over multiple site locations to use visual communication technology to discuss immediate patient cases where travel time is not an option. The MDT rooms provide high quality visual images to all parties involved in the case, enabling them to participate in the discussion.

Viewpoint has extensive experience and expertise in providing MDT image viewing solutions. Our consultants listen to you to find out what you want to achieve in your MDT rooms and provide a choice of technology options matched with a range of services that will give you all you need to deliver an operational MDT system.

Our solutions support images from a variety of sources, including endoscopy systems, PACS systems, charts, pathology microscopes and patient records, collating all the information your team needs in one place.

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