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Six ways hotels are using technology in their public spaces

When we talk about technology in the hotel sector, initial thoughts tend to be about in-room experiences such as entertainment and communication systems. However, more and more hotels are now recognising the benefits of using tech innovations in their public spaces, such as bars, lobbies and restaurants. What are the top tech trends for these …


3 of the best locations for digital signage in the workplace

Have you ever wondered how people decide where to put advertising? Take the London Underground for example: there are digital advertisements on escalators, billboards on platforms and posters inside carriages, but there is very little around ticket offices and passageways. Why is that?


Why flexible working is crucial for business in 2016

Would you like to find a way to boost productivity, retain your top talent and reduce overheads? Flexible working, when done the right way, promises all these benefits and more. There are two crucial elements you need to set an effective flexible working policy in place: culture and technology.


What will the office of the future look like?

In five years’ time, today’s workplaces will probably look as out-dated as brick phones and Filofaxes. While workplace technology has always developed and innovated, we are currently seeing rapid adoption of audio visual innovations that will completely reshape how it looks and feels to be at work.


How to update your training rooms in 2016

Modern audio visual technology can open up a new world of opportunity for your business, connecting you with a wider pool of trainers, engaging staff and providing new ways to collaborate and share ideas. Is your training room due for a technological make over?

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