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Auto Trader London Case Study

Collaborative working for Auto Trader London





Project Value



6 weeks

The Brief

Auto Trader’s move to a new London premises in the St Pancras North development provided an opportunity for it to roll out its vision for a collaborative workspace that emphasised its visual working style and supported its agile teams or ‘squads’.
Auto Trader required multi-functional spaces that could flex and adapt to support this flexible way of working, integrated with a suite of cutting-edge audio visual collaboration and display technology that would enable its people to share ideas and work together on projects quickly and easily, enabling them to deliver ambitious projects in a fast-paced environment. Communication, team work and efficiency were the main drivers of the brief.

The Solution

Split Fold Boardroom

The boardroom is a large space with a folding partition wall. Both rooms can be used as separate systems with large format display screens. Laptops can be selected from the front and rear of both tables. Video and audio conferencing is offered with VC system and ceiling microphones able to split in two or join together according to how the room needs to be used. Audio is provided via 100v line amplifiers and flush mounted ceiling loudspeakers.

When the folding wall is retracted, the two systems become one with the screen in room one as the focal display. Audio is reproduced through speakers in both rooms.

Control and automated switching of all equipment is achieved by the integration of two AMX enabled iPads which operate together as wireless touch panels and also allow control of lighting levels.

Meeting Rooms

In the meeting rooms, bespoke input plates are installed at two floor box positions to allow connection of laptops at the meeting table and a mobile screen. This shared resource can be quickly connected in any of the client meeting rooms to provide a presentation medium as and when required. Simple button panels located next to the display screens allow users to operate the screens with an ease of use such that no training is required.

Video Conference Room

In addition to the split fold boardroom another meeting room is equipped with a dual screen VC system displaying people and content from laptop PCs via two display screens, one of which is a touch screen. Ceiling microphones are installed to ensure optimum audio performance for video conferencing with a simplified user interface and one-touch button calling for each of the other video conferencing systems in the business.

Multi-Room Presentation Space

A two-way room multi-functional space has been created that can be used as separate training rooms, each equipped with projectors, electric projection screens, flush mounted ceiling speakers, laptop connectivity, digital signage, voice re-enforcement, IPTV and an iPad for control. The two rooms can then be paired together for larger format presentations and events.

User Testing Suite

A monitoring room with the same functionality as a standard meeting room has additional password protected functionality allowing specific users to operate the room in ‘control room mode’. This gives access to cameras, microphones, screen sharing and tablet mirroring, which allow software engineers to test and monitor use of both new and existing software to ensure continued development and refinement of Auto Trader’s product portfolio.

Room Booking System

All 14 of the meeting rooms are supported by an automated room booking system to manage the assets and encourage best use of the spaces available to staff. This is complemented by integration of a way-finder screen and visitor management.

Digital Signage

Digital signage screens with small form factor subscriber players were mounted around the office spaces. These units together with a server PC housed in the data centre allow content to be scheduled and displayed relating to the area and message required.

TV System

A satellite and terrestrial IPTV system was installed, comprising a roof-mounted dish with 1 satellite receiver and fully scalable rack mounted IPTV server, integrated with the digital signage in the comms room. This allows a variety of channels to be scheduled to any display, with channel control local to the display over RF cabling.