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3 of the best locations for digital signage in the workplace


Have you ever wondered how people decide where to put advertising? Take the London Underground for example: there are digital advertisements on escalators, billboards on platforms and posters inside carriages, but there is very little around ticket offices and passageways. Why is that?

It makes sense to position signage in places where people will have time to consider it. While digital signage has many advantages over printed signage because the moving images and text catch the eye (a recent Intel study suggested people look at digital signs 50% longer than static signage), it is still very important to consider the positioning of screens to get the most out of your investment.

You do not find advertisements around Tube ticket offices because people there have other things on their minds; they are busy fishing out purses or working out routes across the city. On the escalator, travellers have spare minutes with nothing to occupy their minds, so it’s an ideal place to position promotional messages.

Here are three key locations for placing digital signage:

Reception areas

Digital Signage Reception AreaThis one might seem a bit obvious, but your reception area is an ideal place for digital signage. It will give the space a sense of activity and modernity and will also ensure that if people do need to wait in the reception area, they learn more about your company while they do so.

There are some important things to remember about positioning signage in reception rooms. Think carefully about the height, font size and distance from seating, so people can read text while waiting. Also consider if there is strong daylight or reflections from doors and windows – this will reduce the visibility of the screens. From way finding information to personalised welcome messages, digital signage gives you the ability to make a great first impression.


If your site welcomes large numbers of visitors, chances are they will use your facilities during their visit. Digital signage can help them find their way, if positioned near the toilets, combined with content you want them to see. You could also position signs to capture attention on the way out of toilets, as people look around to regain their bearings.

Alternatively, screens could be positioned near washbasins. When there are large numbers of people, there are also queues – yet another chance to entertain or inform.


Does your office have a workplace canteen or café? If so, there will be people waiting in queues, eating alone or waiting for friends to join them. Digital signage can help to entertain employees and provide them with new information – what’s on the menu? What’s the offer of the day? Furthermore, they could be used to push employee benefits such as crèche facilities or flexible working possibilities.

You could also consider installing table-top screens in some parts of your canteen. If employees are lunching alone, this can be a great place to catch up on the latest weather forecast, news or market information – interspersed with advertisements and corporate messages.

What’s the best location for digital signage in your office? Make sure you choose somewhere with plenty of traffic, where people are likely to linger.

If you are interested in adopting digital signage in your organisation, Viewpoint can provide free expert advice on 0800 612 0010.

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